About us

Mailmalade is integrated by a team of young multi-disciplinary people, with passion for new technologies and enthusiasm for improving our lives. The team is dually based in London and Barcelona, two of the top smartest cities in Europe, both with an incredibly buzzing start-up atmosphere. This dual location enables us to get the most out of the great networking opportunities of London, combined with the excellent location and weather of Barcelona, where a young, talented and creative-hungry vibe is booming throughout the city. Both are great places to live and work, so we couldn’t decide where exactly to base our team. So we picked them both!

From the very beginning, we wanted to develop something to make life easier, something to streamline processes and make things quicker, easier and “yummy” (well, we were not quite sure about the latter yet but here we go). So we came up with the idea of creating a new web app focused on generating HTML emails. We wanted to go away from suggesting templates to the user. This is history. Every email is different and people want to customise emails to their needs and design taste. So the word “email template” is not in our dictionary.

Design, simplicity and usability are our overriding principles. We believe in a nice looking web app that makes the email creation experience more enjoyable and easier. We believe in providing simple and intuitive tools that allow everyone to meet their needs, from experienced designers or developers to novices who are creating an email for the first time. We believe in a web app that runs smoothly.

This is the essence of Mailmalade. Quick, easy and functional. You may wonder why “Mailmalade”? So why not? Feel delighted by using a delicious tool to create tasty emails that will sweeten your end users’ palate. Yummy!