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Upload your design

Start with uploading your design to our awesome platform. Just drag & drop your image file and start creating your email.

You can also add tags to your emails to organise them better.

Define areas and links

Just focus on defining your email layout with our very intuitive interface. We'll do the difficult bit and generate a fully compatible HTML code for you.

Cut as many slices as you want on your uploaded design to define the layout. Then add links, colors, and alternative texts to any slice.

Need additional text on the header or footer? Fine, simply add it by using the visual text editor.


You're only a click away from directly exporting your new email design to your favourite email marketing service provider.

No place like at home? Absolutely fine, simply download your email as a compressed file, ready for use whenever you want.

Enough scrolling down, isn't it?
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No coding knowledge is required. Everyone can get on with it and design great emails using the intuitive drag & drop interface.


Spend just minutes instead of hours. Save time, save money and enjoy life.


Build compatible emails with your own design and export them to your favourite service. All in one. Fully compatible, fully integrated, fully reliable. No more hassles!